Fort Flagler state park


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Our favorite. Part of the old coastal artillery. Yes we are out again. :). More photos and videos to follow. Oh and thank goodness my On Star subscription was still valid. Lovely bride locked the keys in the truck out here.
Really if any of you plan to get out here please let me know. I can host you a few days. I have water and two dedicated 30 amp hookups at my place. Plus we can plan a trip.
Mike, I see you have inflatable kayaks, how do you like them? Do they handle well and are they harder to paddle than solid ones?
We have regular ones yet it seems that the transportation of inflateables would be much easier.
For two or three hours at a time the are great. They cut through the water well. We have had these for 4 years. Pretty durable. One has a patch now but it sealed well. When deflated they fit in the storage under the queen bed in the front of our trailer. We want to get hard plastic ones but these have been so good we just have not done it yet.