Firewood storage


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Since we do a lot of local camping, we frequently take firewood with us. I needed a way to store firewood so it stays dry. i had been watching craigslist for a 10x10 plastic shed that i could get at a good price. Not finding one yet, i decided to put some wood racks under my camper shed. I have 3 racks under, and room for another. This is an easy way to make a wood rack, no drilling or construction. Just get the blocks level.

For each rack you need.

3 8x8x16 concrete block
2 8ft landscape timbers
2 8ft 2x4's each cut in half

Basically lay the block out the length of the landscape timbers and get them level so your wood rack won't fall over. The pics show the rest.

I like it , as you can take it down easily, and you can spray under it for bugs.

That's about as simple and effective as it could be. I'm always amazed how creativity can create something simple! I like!
That's a great idea.
With the invasive parasites in our neck of the woods (no pun), we don't take firewood with us. It's too bad, as we burn during the winter and process a lot of wood (son and I have 12 ash trees to get this weekend).

I don't mind buying and supporting locals where we camp though. That's a plus.
The way I understand our local rules is no firewood can leave the state of Illinois, so we just buy local when on trips out of the state.
We just take it with us, when camping local, otherwise we buy it onsite.