Fender skirts


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I've owned 4 trailers over the years and every one of them had a problem with the plastic fender skirts breaking.
Did I say the plastic skirts are cheap junk?

I repaired my old Cedar Creek using these stainless steel skirts as the OEM plastic skirts were beyond the point of being salvaged.

1 trailer fender.jpg
currently on my 2017 Bighorn the skirts are exhibiting the beginning signs of falling apart.

not saying this is a permanent repair but I removed both skirts and applyed a coating of clear RTV in the area behind each screw hole, hoping this will slow the cracking ..

and then reinstalled the skirts along with a bead of black sealant along the edge.


Mine are doing the same thing. One more thing on the list.

Are they actually necessary?

only from an aesthetic standpoint. I used the stainless steel type in the top picture on my 2006 Cedar Creek.. this trailer will get them too if I keep it long enough for the fender skirts to fall aprt.