Enchanted Rock State Natural Area - near Fredericksburg TX


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We found Enchanted Rock State Park on the All Trails app while looking for places to hike. It looked interesting so we drove there and hiked for a couple hours. There are lots of good hiking trails and two large granite domes, which you can climb to the top for a great view. If you are in this area, this is a good park to visit.

Photoglobe from atop the dome

Photoglobe from about 1/2 way to the summit


Lots of water for Shandy to play


Flowers and interesting terrain


That is one strong set of roots!


This tree just won't give up

Really cool! You go to some neat places!
We love to explore, so when we go to an area, we do some research and hit the trails. Sometimes our vacations aren't very restful, but that's not our deal.
Karen - the obvious answer is that it appears to be a snake. The not-so-obvious answer eludes me; what KIND of snake?
It's too hard to tell from the picture what that snake species is.
Nor did she realize at the time how close she came to stepping on it - I saw it all unfold and it's a good thing it ended well.
There are only four poisonous snakes in the US naturally:
- cottonmouth
- coral
- copper head
- rattler

It's certainly not a coral or copperhead; coloration isn't right for those. I don't see a rattle tail either.

Could have been a cottonmouth, but that's awfully far west in TX for it's habitat.

Most likely non-poisonous, but it's ALWAYS a good idea to steer clear of snakes unless you're 100% sure of what you're into. Even non-venomous snakes can bite; cause bleeding, irritation and infection if not properly treated.