Eevelle Goldline cover for the 5th wheel


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We used to store our 5th wheel in one of a retired farmer's large pole barns. We moved to a house with an outside area to store the trailer, so it will sit outside. The sun here in Colorado is wow intense and when I drive past outdoor RV storage lots, most of the RVs are sun faded. Faded is not what we want, so I did some research on a cover. There are many many to choose from ranging from $150 to $1000+. My criteria was that it had to have maximum UV protection and be water proof. Many are neither. The cheap ones are more dust covers than offering protection from UV or moisture.

I chose the Eevelle Goldline, which offers a 5 out of 5 for UV protection and is water proof.

The cover comes with lots of straps to tie the cover down, a carrying bag, repair kit, ladder top cover (so the ladder doesn't rip the cover), and a small bag that I can't figure out what it's for. The material is a heavy duty rip stop material that seem to be very robust. I'm impressed with the quality.

The cover is heavy at about 65 pounds and is very awkward to carry up a ladder. I put the cover on by myself, against the directions. Unfolding the cover and dragging it out into the correct position, really isn't a one person job. When you get the cover positioned correctly and drop the ends over the caps, you'll have to pull the cover either front or back to position it perfectly The same for side to side. Pulling the cover into the perfect position really isn't a one person job. Follow the directions and have a couple people to do the job, you'll be glad you did.

The fit is pretty good. The fitment in the front could be a bit more conforming, but I didn't want to pay the cost for a custom fit cover, so this will suffice. I'll check from time to time to make sure there isn't water trapped in any folds.

Just out of the shipping box



Tie downs to keep it from moving and several zippers so you can open the door, slides, and basement.



I've read trapped moisture inside is a concern with covers. Can you monitor humidity?
Anyone have a suggestion about what I can put between the bottom cover straps and the painted skirt of the trailer? I don't want the strap to burnish the paint over months of wind.



Could you put a piece of paint protection film there for the strap to rub on?

Lots of inexpensive choices: PPF