dump cake


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dump cake, or camp cake, or it can go by a lot of other names ...

Get a good quality, decent sized cast iron cook pot. Season it with Crisco or other.
Take 2 cans of your favorite pie filling (cherry, blueberry, apple, etc) and "dump" into the bottom of the pot. Spoon it out flat.
Get a box of white or yellow cake mix, and "dump" over the top of the pie filling. Spoon it flat over the pie filling.
Get an entire stick of butter, slice into small cubes, and "dump" them over the cake mix.

Now, put the pot over the camp fire or pull a few coals from the fire off to the side and put only a few under the pot and only a few on the lid. Always rotate the pot over the heat about every 5 minutes. Do NOT stir the contents. When the butter has fully melted into the cake mix, and the cake mix is browned, it's ready to eat. Very similar to a cobbler. So incredibly yummy.

CAUTION: don't weigh yourself for a few days after eating that entire pot in a day. It's THAT good. Don't bother to count carbs, check your blood sugar or cholesterol; you're not gonna like what you see. But, wow, is it yummy!?!
Sounds fantastic. I have a dutch oven i could use for this. Thanks! I've got to try this!
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