Dry graphite spray lubricant for slides


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I was using white lithium spray grease on our slide arms, but there was enough binding that we broke a shear pin at a truck stop in Iowa. Turning the slide in with a crescent wrench wasn't all that much fun! We were going to New Horizons to get a couple things fixed, so we had them fix the slide as well. They advised that the spray on graphite lube seems to work better, so I gave it a try.

Works better is an understatement. The graphite doesn't attract road grime and the slides make no scraping or binding noises. I plan on reapplying the graphite every couple times we use the trailer. It's easy and takes about five minutes. A word of caution, don't get it on yourself or your clothes. It is hard to get off your skin and it doesn't come out of your clothes.


The white lithium is hard to get distributed easily and attracts grime.


The graphite goes on nice and even and the slide looks like it's been painted.