Door Locking


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Do you lock your rv doors at campgrounds? Seems there are 2 schools of thought. Lock or don't lock if you are away. Some people with pets worry that if they are away and the a/c stops or there is a power outage, someone can let their pets out if the door is unlocked. I generally lock. I always lock in large campgrounds, like myrtle beach. I generally lock as i have a firearm inside. Firearms are probably another topic.
We always lock, but we haven't traveled with a pet, until this coming season. I bought a Marcell power and temperature monitor, which I'll do a writeup on after we've used it for a while.
We have no pets; we always lock when away for more than a moment. We might not lock if we walk down to the bathroom or general store. But we'll lock up when we go on hikes or other such leaves.