Dometic capacitive touch thermostat


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My mallard has the dometic thermostat. It has never worked right. Sometimes you have to blow hot air on your fingertips to get it to recognize your touch to change temperature. I'm fed up with it not working. Its done this since day one. Looking online the only replacement is a micro-air themostat $249.

my thermostat.


Anyone else had trouble with this?
The up/down buttons are touch only? In both of our trailers all buttons were press, so we haven't experience this.

Did you call Dometic to see if there is a firmware update that may help?
hmm, maybe you can get an older thermostat that has a little arm you move, make sure they are compatible, you set heat/cold manually and that way system is not picking it for you.
Our trailer has this simple Dometic tstat and I've been unhappy with it since day one as well. The temp offset is too wide and there's supposed to be 2 fans speeds for the AC but it only blows on high. IT seems a residential tstat will work if you get one with a backup battery, lots of positive reviews for RV use. Replacing it is on the list.
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I found this while researching RV thermostats:

Veracity of tinyhousedesign info unknown.
Update. I contacted Dometic. It seems there was a problem with thermostats produced my year ( 2018-2019). They are shipping me a new faceplate, at no cost.

I will update if this fixes the problem.🤞
Update: I replaced the faceplate that dometic shipped me free of charge. Problem solved!! Good customer service from Dometic.
It arrived in a week, i just didn't install it until the first trip this year. I didn't have any trips after it arrived.
That's good news. I would have expected a long delivery time with the supply chain problems.