Does anyone make a quiet RV water pump that doesn't surge?


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I know this may be an almost impossible ask, but I figured I would ask anyway. The water pump in our Airstream does it's job, but there are two problems. First, the pump pulses to the point that when running water into a glass, the pulse will splash water out of the glass. Second, the pump makes considerable noise when it's pulsing the water into the drinking glass. Ok, that's my attempt at humor, but seriously, any time the pump is running, it's noisey.

It there such a thing as a quiet non-pulsing RV water pump?
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Why yes there is, Wayne!

This new pump came out to replace their older "smart sensor" variable speed pump.

I've not seen or heard much about these new 4048 series, but if they are intended to replace the smart sensor line, they are the premium pumps. I always wanted to replace my old "thrump thrump thrump" cyclic pump to make it quieter in the RV, but that stupid old pump just keeps on running, and I find it hard to replace something that refuses to die. And the new pumps are about $185 on Amazon, so I can't pry my wallet open to replace that old pump with a new quiet one. Not yet, anyway ...
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Thanks Dave! I will keep this in mind, as I don't know why but the "thrump thrump thrump" really annoys me. Maybe my current pump will fail soon so I can replace it.
If you are boondocking alone in the middle of no where, during the day, the thrump of a reciprocating pump really is fairly easy to ignore. However, in a crowded RV park, at 6am in the morning or late at night, your own pump is hard to ignore. And your neighbors thrump-pump is downright irritating when they are showering and doing dishes at 11pm while you try to sleep before a early am start the next day.