Devil's tower area overrun by motorcycles and people


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We intended to stay here and take the time to hike around the base of the tower. Sturgis is 80 miles from Devil's tower and we didn't think there would be many motorcycles make the trip that for to the tower. We were wrong. When we got to the lower parking lot where the KOA is, we were surprised at the volume of people and motorcycles. We decided to forego our stay there as it was very noisy and it would have been difficult to find parking in the upper lot and it felt like a covid spreader event. We left after taking some pictures, canceled our reservation from the road, and went on to another campground a couple hundred miles west.

A great picture of the tower and a few of the motorcycles. There were hundreds more out of frame.


A nice zoom of the tower, prospective is hard to see in this picture, but the tower is huge.


Sign along the road about 3 miles south of the tower


The tower about 3 miles away