Devil's Lake State Park


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Has anyone been to Devil's Lake State Park? We are going up there in a couple weeks and have never been there. It looks like good beaches and hiking. If you've been there, we would appreciate your thoughts about the area.
We have been there a few times. Tent camping once. For being close to Illinois the setting is beautiful. The beach is nice and dog friendly. Hiking was good but we didn’t get in a lot of it. We enjoyed the local restaurants. Fun getaway.
Sounds great! I told Shandy the beach is dog friendly and she's super excited to go! Did you stay in a local RV park?

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Stayed in the park itself. I know they fill up. We had a very nice spot but I’m not sure if that’s because we were just tent camping at the time.
We are staying at a RV park close by. I'll post some pictures
We visited here last weekend. This is a great state park with lots of things to do. We hiked the entire perimeter of the lake, which took about three hours, which included a swim for the dog. This is the most visited Wisconsin state park, so get there early before the parking fills. We got there about 7:00AM and parked with no problem, by 10:00AM there was no parking left.

There is lots of RV and tent camping sites, but the only some of the RV sites have power and none, as far I we could tell, have water or sewer.

We saw many people swimming the length of the lake, paddle boarding, hiking, picnicking, sitting on the beach, and even saw a military indoctrination march of about 50 high school age kids.

There are hiking trails that go to the tops of the ridges on both the east and west side. They are pretty challenging and we decided to take the flat loop, given that is was so hot and humid.

The trail on the west side of the lake is in the state park and is pretty rough as it is a paved path through the boulder field at the base of the cliff.


The east side of the lake is a railroad right of way, that you're not supposed to walk on, but many do.


View looking south from the lodge


See the kayakers?


Map of the park


You know you're in Wisconsin when


Interesting history


Devil's Lake is a great park and we'll definitely go again.