Crock Pot Roast


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This is my wifes dish. Easy, and little mess. We have made it outside out rv on a camping table. Its really good!

I sirloin tip roast ( cut some of the large pieces of fat off)
1 pack brown gravy mix (powder)
1 pack buttermilk ranch dressing(powder)
1 pack Italian dressing (powder)
2 large carrots sliced.
1/2 vidalia sweet onion cut up

Put roast in crock pot, put carrots around roast.
Put onions on top of roast.
Mix all 3 packets with 1/2 cup water, and pour over roast.
Cook on low for about 7 hours.

That looks wonderful! I have never seen a roast cooked in a plastic bag. What type of a bag is that? I would be all for bringing the crock pot camping, never even considered this.
Its some kind of food safe crock pot bag, to make it easier to clean a crock pot. My wife gets it, does this. I would not know where to ever get it lol.

This is what she uses.
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