Crater Lake NP


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Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful bodies of water I've ever peered into is Crater Lake. The depth of color and clarity is phenomenal.

The pools of the cauldrons in Yellowstone are really special. The crystal clear streams in Glacier are as if you're looking through glass. But the Crater Lake brilliance of pure blue is out of this world. It's not really on the way to anything, but certainly worth the trip. I didn't RV there; I was on a motorcycle trip with my wife and another couple. We did ride to the top and take in the majesty of Crater Lake. If you have the gear, take a panoramic shot of the lake! We did. And when we got home we printed it out for our den. The picture cannot match the sheer brilliance of that water on a clear cold sunny morning. It's a blue that seems to go on forever.
I have only ever heard that's it's magnificent. We can't wait to do a swing to the west coast and enjoy this national park!