Correcting more careless RV construction


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Earlier this year I read about that foam insert you can put into your AC discharge to direct the cold air into the ductwork better and wondered what it looked like in ours and found a mess in the intake plenum. First off why would the junction box be mounted directly in the air flow blocking 20-25% of the surface area? Worse was the wiring mess that extended up into the plenum, the excessively long wiring was just shoved up in there and buttoned up good to go. I turned the junction box sideways and got the wiring in some semblance of order now have to find some screw down clamps and maybe some electrical tape and the AC unit will be able to flow as intended and hopefully be quieter Also silver taped up gaps where the conditioned air could short circuit back to the intake and into the gap between the ceiling and roof. Amazing, and Grand Design has a rep of being a cut above average.

Definitely an example of "quick shove it out the door, because the customer will never see this shoddy work".

Good work on your part to clean it up and make less resistance to air flow. I find it most unfortunate that this quality of workmanship is allowed. How much more time could it take to do it correctly? A minute or two?
And this trailer is a 2017 so the Covid excuses aren't valid. I would hope you're not finding things like this in your new unit. I think I'm out of things to make right. Well maybe HD shackles and wet bolts. And the furnace sounds like one of those construction site space heaters but I can't see much to do about that.
I would hope you're not finding things like this in your new unit.
We have only had a couple small issues with the New Horizons. A screw holding the interior window shade up had been over tightened and was partially stripped. The shade was sagging on that side, but didn't fall. Another problem was a leaking hydraulic line to one of the Big Foot jacks. Both items were fixed when we stopped in Junction City on our way through in October. Their service is amazing, you point out the problem and they fix it on the spot, zero pushback.