Closet lights


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Our bedroom closets are dark, there are no lights in them. I have found a reasonable soulution. The small harbor freight lights have a hanger on the back. Frequently you can get them for free with a coupon/purchase.
I would recommend changing out the cheapo batteries right off the bat, for some duracell or energizers. So that they don't leak.

This works for us until i decide if i'm going to try hard wiring some lights in.

Please ignore the sloppy closet !!
I'm curious if the lights ever bounce off the rod and end up on the floor? I like the portable light, but even our clothes end up on the floor with a particularly rough road. The stick up puck LED puck lights may work if you have a problem keeping your lights on the rod.
Not so far, But i guess i have not been on a road rough enough to have the hangers fall.