Chisholm Trail Santa Fe Trail


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If you are ever down in Texas, Oklahoma, or Kansas I would encourage you to follow the Chisholm Trail north into Kansas.

Old Highway 81 parallels the original trail in Oklahoma and Kansas and there are numerous markers recounting this trail's history.

Another is the Santa Fe Trail (Map)

We found it fun to parallel the current Kansas roads and branch off to locate the original wagon ruts which are still visible.

We started at Olathe Kanasas and followed Old and New Kansas 56 and branched off into county roads to photograph where the trail ran.

One place you really need to stop at and stretch your legs is Council Grove, Kansas and visit the Kaw Mission Historic Site. This is one of those towns where new meets old and East meets West.
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Thanks for posting this! We can spend hours at museums looking over history like this. These trails reminds me of the Archway Museum in Kearney Nebraska over I-80. We'll definitely add these to our must see list.
Very nice. I have lots of family in Kansas and Oklahoma but I’m not sure if any have been here or not. Thanks for posting.