Camping and camp fires


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When I think of camping I think of camp fires. We all know men like fire. And there is nothing like the sight and smell of a good fire.

How often do you have a camp fire going when you camp?
We have a fire frequently. You are correct, men like fire! I find it almost mesmerizing to sit and watch a campfire after dark. If it's windy, we don't have a fire and when the campground doesn't allow fires, obviously we don't. Unfortunately, the RV park we're in right now doesn't allow fires, other that that it's very nice.
As long as its not too hot, we have one. Something about the fellowship of friends around a fire. Can't explain it, probably from cave man genes lol.
I very much enjoy a nice camp fire. Unfortunately, many times in the western states, in dry periods, the campfires in prohibited even in private campgrounds. I used to take my own firewood with me, but as the campfire opportunities diminish with these type of restrictions, what little I need I just buy locally.

If we're only doing a single overnight during long travel days, I probably won't have a fire. But once settled in a site for a few days, I really like having a fire in the evening.