Breaks Interstate Park


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Breaks Interstate Park pictures. July 2009

Sorry I don’t have more recent pictures. I believe this was our last trip there as the year after this is when they started turning it into more of an amusement/water park. I also have some that I will look for from the late 1990s and early 2000s when my parents and sister went before I was born that I will try and post so you can see more of the park itself. I plan to keep updating the thread and album with pictures and will also be posting some other places as well.

Since it’s considered to be in Virginia and Kentucky I wasn’t sure where to post it so I posted in Kentucky for now.
From Allstays it has 122 full hookup sites, but the woods are so thick you can't see any sites from the satellite view. We like heavily wooded sites, as it keeps the sun from beating on your trailer.
Yes it is very wooded. Tons of bears too if you like those types of visitors 🙂. One of them stole my bag of Doritos and I was angry as a 7 year old that’s a big deal 😂.