Boreas Pass and Aspen Alley - Breckenridge


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There was a narrow gauge railroad between Breckenridge and Leadville, which has long since been torn out. Part of the rail bed is still drivable from Breckenridge toward Leadville. There is a long narrow section just outside of Breckenridge that is canopied with Aspen trees calls, "Aspen Alley", which is a neat sight when the aspens are golden in the fall. There is also a restored water tank, which used to fill the steam engines as they were making their runs. The road is rough and the 3500 rides a bit harsh for our liking, so we only made it to the water tank.

Yep, the trek up was a bit scary for those of us who aren't crazy about narrow roads accompanied by heights! But it was so worth it! There were a number of folks who had staked out tent camping spots and woke up to these views. There are definitely a couple of places to pull off of the road safely and walk to take in the details. Highly recommend!