Blackstone flat-top griddle

We found that the manual is correct that water poured over the griddle at about 300°F does wonders to clean the cook surface. I think we've got is seasoned well now.
We have been enjoying ours. We did not get the stand or the lid, went with the carrying bag and cover, it is easier to carry in the 5er. We have metal tables we can set it on if there is no picnic table to put it on. The hardest part for me was to get used to the fact it gets really hot. We will continue to use it, the surface will get better the longer it is used, like cast iron.
I’ve never used a griddle before. Couldn’t tell you the difference between that and a grill either. Man this thread is making me hungry looks better than the whole Domino’s Pizza I just ate that they had to remake twice because they done it wrong both times 😆. We let our tabletop grill sit in the weather and it’s no good anymore 🙁. Those steaks in the first picture look amazing too. 🥩.
We bought the Tailgater model, which is a grill on one side and a griddle on the other. Truth be told, I almost wish I'd bought separate units, but I'm not re-buying at this point. We probably use them 50/50 when we're out camping.

Looks like they replaced it with the on-the-go model which I think is a bit smaller cooking surface, but it folds up a little nicer and has wheels.