Big eastern trip off the books


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On May 20 a friend and I left Arizona in a POS 20' Uhaul pulling a car trailer and pulled into Cockeysville Md on May 24 to my daughter's 1 bedroom apartment that they rented to get acclimated to the area as SIL gets ready to go from work from home to work on site at his new job with Microsoft. It took 1 week for the wheels to come off and return to Arizona plans were being made. Without going into details the apartment wasn't as advertised, the area wasn't as advertised and after a lunch meeting of the people SIL's been working with remotely he decided to work remotely from Arizona until they force a decision and decide then, now after the first of the year, what direction to take. Also my daughter has RA and her health deteriorated within days of arriving there.

So next Tuesday daughter is flying back here, Wednesday wife and I are flying to Baltimore and loading and driving a Penske truck and trailer back to Az , and Thursday SIL is flying back and they're staying at our place with the dogs until we get back on Sunday. So, the big fall 3 week eastern trip isn't necessary. The good thing is they didn't immediately put their house for sale because it would have sold in 1 day and they would now be buyers in a sellers market. Don't ask why SIL and I don't drive the truck.

Sometimes we have to hold our thoughts and let our kids make their own decisions and mistakes and then help fix things if asked.
Unfortunate that you're trip is cancelled, but good timing on not selling the house. It's much better to figure out immediately that the area wasn't for them, than live there for a year and hate it.

Will you schedule a another trip since you aren't going to the east?
We put together an 8 day trip to southern Arizona in October to 3 state parks and some friends who moved down there 2 years ago. Thinking about a Utah trip in September as well. We will do a next spring or fall trip back to the homelands in Pa to spend time with family and friends. Wife retires in 1 year so we'll be good to go.

We're happy that they didn't try to tough it out and fix an unfixable situation. It's too bad the front end of this started in December/January when travelling cross country by any means wasn't a good idea so they did the best they could. No harm done just some money spent and maybe his work will allow permanent remote work by that time.

Western Oklahoma and Arkansas looked like places we could spend some time at, going to do some checking. We'll do another fly-by in the other direction next week.
Glad you have some trips planned so you can get use from the new truck and trailer!