Badlands National Park - August 2020


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On our way to Glacier NP, we stopped for a couple days in the Rapid City area to see sights. There are a couple national parks in the area and of course Mt. Rushmore. Since most of Wind Cave NP is closed, we'll save that for another time.

Badlands National Park is located just south of Wall, SD. The colors and shapes of the eroded cliffs are quite amazing to see.



We spotted some Bighorn Sheep near the east entrance early one morning on our way into the park.


We started hiking up this trail, but didn't continue. It had rained the night before and to say the soil is sticky is an understatement. We thought about dry camping along the top of the cliffs where it is allowed and have been warned that if it is going to rain, then get out of there. The soil, when wet, turns into a sticky mud that has the consistency of chunky plaster of paris. It sticks to your shoes until you're carrying several extra pounds on each foot and is very slippery. If you try to drive on it with a vehicle, you will get stuck.

You can see our footprints in the lower left corner of the picture.


Can you see the deer in this picture?


Lots of these signs and I'm sure lots of them, but we didn't see any.


Pine forest in the middle of the Badlands! This is in the Cliff Shelf trail area.


This is at the Door Trailhead. It reminds us of the hoodoos at Bryce Canyon NP.


Badlands NP is one of those bucket list parks to see with its very unique landscape. Of course, you should visit Wall Drug, just once, so you can say you've been there.
Camping on the rim was wonderful and the sheep were nightly visitors. I would avoid the road if there has been a lot of rain.
The road to get there is just before the entrance to the park, free camping, all you have to do is close the gate behind you.


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The road to get there is just before the entrance to the park, free camping, all you have to do is close the gate behind you.
We saw lots of campers where I've highlighted in yellow. I can imagine the view would be spectacular, just don't get too close to the edge!

When we were there our friends parked right on the edge, I prefered across the road! We were on the first bump out when you turn right at the end of the road. Had a great visit with the people camped at the very end. We will stay there again.