Avalanche trail and lake - Glacier National Park


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Avalanche lake was one of those, "I wonder if we should take the time to hike the 6.7 miles round trip to see the lake?" After seeing the trail and lake, we put this in the "Must see" category.

Google Maps view of lake area

The trail is highly trafficked and mostly uphill the entire 3+ miles and is a pretty tiring hike. You'll walk through pine forest and along Avalanche Creek the entire distance. The creek has a couple water falls that are carved from the rock and are unlike anything we've seen. The water is so clear that in still pools the rocky bottom looks as though there is no water on it.




There are many places to stop and view the adjacent mountains, which are spectacular.




When you finally arrive at the lake, the view is breathtaking! Tall jagged mountains, one called "The Little Matterhorn", a glacier (which you mostly can't see), and three distinct waterfalls which are the direct evidence of the glacier. The lake is about a 1/2 mile long and 1/4 mile wide with a gravel beach. Many people were wading far out into the lake, as it's very shallow. We brought lunch and enjoyed sitting on a log at the beach while soaking in the view.

This was one of our favorite places in Glacier.
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That is just phenomenal. Wow i'd love to go there when we retire. I can't travel like that now!
That is just phenomenal. Wow i'd love to go there when we retire.
We always heard it is a beautiful area and that's a complete understatement. It was a long drive for us and it's a much longer drive for you. Put it in the bucket list and make sure you get there some day. You won't be disappointed in any way!