Are you sure we need coffee in the morning?


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We are camping and getting things ready for the morning. My wife just asked me, "are you sure we need coffee in the morning."


Yes, I'm sure.
What coffee maker do you use in your camper? We just have a simple mr coffee brewer, but in a camper they all seem big on the counter. My wife does not like a french press.
We have your standard 12 cup Mr. Coffee. The only feature is it has an on/off switch. I think it was $18 at WalMart. It is a bit big, but we always drink the whole pot.

Similar to what we use, other that a french press, not much way to save counter space. We tried a 4 cup unit, but we drink more coffee than that.
I use a Chemex Glass Carafe, the kind you boil the water and pour it over the grounds. Yes I know glass is not something you usually take in a camper, yet mine is stored in the box it came in neatly in the cupboard and it is still unbroken after several years. It also makes good tea for iced tea or hot. I have found it is not really the coffee maker you use, it is the water.
I tried coffee in college for about a month; never got the hang of it and after 55 years of living, I have no use for it.

However, I recognize that a substantial part of the population NEEDS that caffeine kick in the morning to not only get started, but, well, to feel "human", and I know some folks who are just plain grumpy until they've had their morning cup(s) of Joe.

Never ask a coffee drinker if they "need" a cup in the morning; of course they do!