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We got out for another weekend trip to Dead Horse State Park in Cottonwood last weekend, our 3rd short trip with the new trailer. Beautiful weather, blue skies and 60s. Took the dogs on some nice hikes, got a couple of mountain bike rides in on my old trails, took a drive around our old town to see what's changed in the almost 3 years since we left. Found a new development that has optional RV garages, sweet! My dream is less house more garage.

This was plumbing weekend, a leak in the sink drain, toilet feed line connection, and QR fitting inside the front storage near the fresh water hook up. We had noticed a dried stain under the sink trap before but didn't see any leaking on the first trips. This time it was wet after doing some dishes. Apparently before we bought it something was on the shelf and was pushed or hit the trap hard enough to crack the nut and break the flange where the trap screws onto the bottom of the sink drain. Of course it was an ABS piece than isn't common and glued in so I had to go a different route but got it fixed after a trip to ACE and Home Depot. The fresh water leaks were probably self inflicted. The 2 different sites we've had at DHSP before both had pressure regulators on the water hook up so I didn't even really look at it this time. Turns out no regulator. The nut on the toilet feed needed tightened anyway as did the one on the back side of the quick release fitting for the supplied coiled QR water hose. I had also switched the furnace thermostat offset from 2 degrees to 1 degree because it would get too cold before the heat kicked on last trip but it caused a relay on the control board in the rooftop AC to rapid cycle on/off before the heat came on, a common thing I found after searching, so it gets programmed back to 2 degree and we'll do something else. I may try a different thermostat.

Also, we've pulled this trailer over 500 miles now and the Titan is just not going to cut it for me. Flat ground at 65 is 2900 rpm in 4th, any bit of uphill drops to 3rd at almost 4000. I really think this truck wasn't meant for towing, the gearing, tranny programming and 2.93 rear diff are meant for gas mileage. If I stay out of cruise control I can finesse it to 5th and lower rpms part of the time but that's no way to travel. We're planning a big Arizona to Maryland/Pennsylvania trip later in the year with 600 mile days and I just don't want to hear a truck revving for hours and days. So, we ordered a 2021 GMC 2500HD 6.6 gas that should show up next month. Not the best time to buy a truck, there are no lower optioned trucks to be found and dealers that have 3/4 ton trucks won't give them up on dealer trade. Disappointed that the Titan isn't working out as I really like the truck. Good news is this gives us some room for a bit bigger trailer if we want later.


That's us with the red chair in the center. The little 19' Airstream Caravel to our left has an MSRP of $64K !!! (looked it up) Wow.

Bike trails nearby. Mingus Mountain in the background is over 7000' elevation. We look at it from the other side where we live now. This is high desert terrain at 3500'.

The house is too big but the big RV garage would be sweet!
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Again, #sojealous of your awesome wintertime weather!

QR fitting
What is a QR fitting?

Turns out no regulator
Are you saying the high pressure where you were hooked up exposed a couple leaks? If so, then did simply tightening the fittings make the leak go away?

It's too bad about the Titan, but I'm sure you'll really like the 6.6L Chevy.
QR = quick release like an air hose fitting, instead of a 3/4" hose fitting. Grand Design put in 2 ports where you can plug in a coiled hose with a nozzle to squirt water if you need to wash the dog or whatever. And yep I think the higher pressure did me a favor and showed the loose fittings. I'll check every fitting I can reach before we go out again. Slowly getting it sorted out and trip ready.

To our left out of the 2nd photo were 2 couples with Oliver Legacy Elite II trailers. Looked like quality so I looked them up, smallish but high end. Their trucks were new Ford and GMC crew cab diesels which seemed kinda overkill for these trailers but hey why not?

Their trucks were new Ford and GMC crew cab diesels which seemed kinda overkill for these trailers but hey why not?
They certainly won't have any trouble pulling those trailers!! Yes, overkill
Looks like a great campground and warm!! We are getting snow right now, blah.
Excited for your truck (and a little jealous) Can't wait to hear your thoughts on how it tows.
The Nissan has a 2.93? That is killing it. The Caprice has a 2.92.

I am not buying a new trailer, up until recently, and I have had my trailer 8 years I have not had to fix/do nearly as much as you have on your GD.

I need that garage in my life! We are close to pulling the trigger on large metal building that can house the Travel Trailer, car trailer, Trans Am and both Trucks.