Amish horse and buggy


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I was on US Route 33 and just crossed from Indiana into Ohio. Entering the town of Wilshire I came up on this horse and buggy. There were several more parked in a parking lot of the local restaurant.

I can image he wondered why we need a 30' Airstream and I am curious about their culture. I've always thought it would be interesting to live a simpler way.

There was a fare Amish presence in our area of NW Pa. The "simpler life" is interesting. They won't have a telephone on their property but they'll rent a spot of ground just across the property line along the road, put up a pole and have a landline in a little box. They won't own power tools and don't have electric on their property but aren't afraid to use any of it if they work for someone else. It's well known that there is no small game and fewer deer within walking distance of an Amish farm because it's the young boys' job to get meat for the table. They're a drain on local rural healthcare with no insurance and procreation starting mid-teens. Not judging just first hand observations. They live a simpler harder life but they do find work-arounds. Admire them for their faith and conviction and hard work.
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