Airbags can be very useful when hitching Propride on unlevel ground


Staff member
I've posted about how much we love the towing characteristics of the Propride hitch, it's fantastic. However, hitching with the stinger and receiver not aligned is difficult as best. The stinger must go straight into the receiver of the Propride.

If the front of the truck is lower than the rear, then the receiver and stinger can be aligned by raising the weight distribution bars, which tilts the receiver down in the front and you have alignment.

If the front of the truck is higher than the rear, you have a problem because the Propride receiver is already tilted up as far as it goes when the weight distribution jacks are all the way down. If the alignment is of far enough it becomes almost impossible to hitch. This is the issue we had this weekend.

Thank goodness we have airbags. I inflated the air bags to 50 psi, which raised the rear of the truck about 3" from no pressure in the bags. The added height allowed the stinger and hitch to align perfectly. Without the ability to raise the back of the truck, then we would have had to lower the front of the trailer 3", which would further mis-align the stinger and receiver. We could have been in a pickle.

At this point we were all hitched up. You can clearly see how high the back of the truck is with 50 psi in the bags with no trailer weight, as the front of the trailer was still sitting on the jack.