Air Lift springs transferred to new truck


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My previous review of the Air Lift springs:

I moved the Air Lift springs from the 2018 to the 2021 Duramax. The 2020-2021 GM/Chevy HD trucks require new upper and lower brackets, but everything else transfers from the old truck to the new. The differences are the frame, axle, brake line and wire harnesses. All required new components come with the new brackets. The customer service at Air Lift is very good and I would highly recommend Air Lift because of my experiences calling in for support and they make a great product.

One of the differences with the new bracket kit is instead of a top U-bolt, they ship and L-bolt, which forms a U-bolt, but is MUCH easier to get the bolt between the bed and frame. The air compressor is a no-brainer to install on the 2021 as it was on the 2018, however with the 8 foot dually bed, the air compressor is mounted further forward from the springs, so you'll need a longer piece of air hose vs. the 6'6" bed install. I reused all other air hoses.

When I removed the flat head screws that hold the top and bottom brackets to the bag, the screws were difficult to get out. The bags were on the 2018 for about 2 years and did see moisture, but were never exposed to salt, not even one time. My cousin bought a new truck and did the same Air Lift swap I did, new brackets. His were on for several years and were exposed to salt. He had to grind the screw heads off, as they were impossible to get out. I would highly suggest you put a coating of Permatex on the screws before you put them in. If you do have to remove the screws later to do a swap, you'll be glad you did.




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