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    Sewer outlet cover prank

    Wow! That's horrible. Would really make me angry that someone had the audacity to mess with my rig.
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    Tire meet bolt

    Obviously I ran over something that had the bolt in it, somehow, but for the life of me I couldn't find it when I turned around to find what it was. I remember hitting something as I rounded a long, fast, sweeping corner, but was concentrating on keeping her upright and on line. I've got...
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    Tire meet bolt

    If ya think that was fun, imagine it happening to a rear tire on a motorcycle! I picked up a 3" long bolt in my $250 rear Metzler that had less than 500 miles on it! What a stressful ride home that was (40 miles; stopped to fill up at every air pump I could find).
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    How to conserve water while dry camping?

    given the items I enumerated, certainly. You can always carry extra potable water in a tote as well. The dogs will be the unknown; depends on how arid the environment and how much they drink.
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    How to conserve water while dry camping?

    I can tell you three things that will make a big difference ... - How you manage showers. Obviously depending on how dirty one gets, can you manage to only do a "wash cloth" wipe down rather than take a shower? If you're only driving (not out hiking, etc) for the day, you really don't get...
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    KOA released their 2021 camping report

    I wonder when the bubble will burst? The mass RV market growth in the last 12 months is generally CVD19 driven. Whereas people couldn't get on planes or do cruises or even eat out at restaurants, they could still buy a truck/RV and "get out of the house". Give it a few years and the market...
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    I pulled the Airstream with a 2019 Chevy 1500 today

    Wayne - I would imagine that the 1500 would not have seemed nearly as bad, if you had never had the Dmax to begin with. It's a matter of what perspective you consider the baseline for comparison. I have a friend who has a mid-size RB and uses his Chevy 1500 with small Dmax to pull it and is...
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    Why use an anti-rattle clamp? Which clamp to use?

    Pulling my RV or heavy duty flatbed trailer, I have just the traditional tow hitch with typical WD bars. When I set up my rig properly, the bending-moment force of the bars keeps the hitch loaded in the receiver, and I don't get any rattle. However, if using a non-WD hitch, then rattle is...
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    Removed the stock Duramax exhaust tip and replaced with a shorter turn down

    Rolling coal looks cool to the uninformed and those with juvenile intentions. Heavy soot is simply indicative of incompletely burned fuel. That black soot means there's far too much fuel for the available oxygen in the diesel cycle; there needs to be a lot more air in there. I admit it...
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    2018 Chevy mirror - what are these and what do they do?

    Certainly look like LEDs. Are they puddle lights; do they focus downward and only come on at night with the door open?
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    Removed the stock Duramax exhaust tip and replaced with a shorter turn down

    The purpose of the OEM tip is to blend cooler ambient air with the exhaust when it goes into regen. If you think it's hot in normal mode, wait until you're near it with the regen going! That venturi effect is important because of the concerns the OEMs discovered several years ago ... Under...
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    13.1 MPG 2,300 miles towing

    I have the 6.2L in my F250. I get about 8.5mpg pulling my RV.
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    Wind Cave National Park - worth the visit?

    Yes- we've been there and it's interesting. If you can fit it in, it's worth the trip. Interesting story about how it was discovered, but I'll not spoil it for you! If you also can, do the Minute Man Missile NHS also; very interesting.
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    Do you disconnect the trailer electrical plug from your tow vehicle overnight?

    If you really want to know, you could do this: uplug 7-pin, leave the engine off, measure the voltage at the tow vehicle batteries (should be around 12.5v "ish") then, with shore power connected at the RV, plug in the 7-pin and again measure volts at the tow vehicle batteries after about an hour...
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    Do you disconnect the trailer electrical plug from your tow vehicle overnight?

    So I guess in theory your RV would charge your truck batteries if the RV is connected to shore power then; right?
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    Do you disconnect the trailer electrical plug from your tow vehicle overnight?

    Interesting! I'll be curious to see if the Aux is hot with the key off. My 2006 killed the aux upon key off.
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    Do you flash truck drivers?

    Didn't know there was a name for it. I have a phrase for it, but it's not net-friendly ...
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    Do you disconnect the trailer electrical plug from your tow vehicle overnight?

    If I am only staying overnight with an early morning departure the next day, then I don't unhook anything I don't have to. What you're inquiring about is the Auxiliary circuit power status ... To the best of my knowledge, I don't have anything in my RV that directly runs from the 12v of the...
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    Onan Microlite 2.8 KV A spec repairs

    nice work! carbs are the #1 suspect after age-related neglect sets in.
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    Interesting home-built RV

    I guess tell 'em it's custom, but with a capital C. "We have a 2018 Caboose Custom with the specialty exterior paint and equipment pacakge ..." Given all the bazillions of brands and sub-brands in the RV market, it would be easy to believe over the phone. Quoting George Costanza; it's not a...