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    Rafting on the Flathead River near Hungry Horse, UT

    It is beautifully clear water. Wow. What a great experience!
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    Build pictures of our New Horizons 5th wheel

    Not only is it cool to see the progress, but I imagine that the details of construction (layout, orientation and relationship of parts) would make future repair, maintenance or upgrades much easier. The real question: will your current truck be adequate as a tow rig?
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    Be careful out there!

    From the WSJ, rookie drivers have trouble maneuvering their new RVs...
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    An old vise

    Wow. I love the cast iron and the solid construction, but that will take some work to bring back... I'm no expert. I've done just the one, but I would imagine that a machine shop would be a good start. Can you get someone to hot tank it, or dip it, to remove all that rust? I suspect it's...
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    Some setup photos

    Looks great, Mike!
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    Hello from Virginia

    Thanks guys! in answer to your hiking question, Not as much as I used to. When I was young, like 12, my Dad started taking me hiking in the White Mountains of NH, where he had spent his summers working for the AMC supplying their “Huts”. He would hike up Mount Washington, for example, with a...
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    An old vise

    A bunch of internet searching (GarageJournal was particularly helpful) yielded the color. There’s a whole bunch of vise aficionados out there. Who knew? :) I’ve got a soft spot for old tools. I have an inherited set of bits and brace, and the brace states “Made in occupied Japan”, which...
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    An old vise

    The vise in the shop will lead the harder life, hammering, grinding, etc. I anticipate that this one will lead an easy life, since it’s at home and the preponderance of my tools, and work, will be in the shop. I had planned to put this one in the shop, since it’s a heavier, better built tool...
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    An old vise

    While not strictly an RV topic, I thought I would share my latest tool purchase. I reckon that most of us have and use a vise. It’s indispensable for many shop and repair tasks. I recently acquired and outfitted a shop focused on automotive repair. At the moment, a buddy’s 1975 Mercedes 450SL...
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    Hello from Virginia

    I grew up in a camping family. Canadian Rockies. White Mountains. My family and I saw quite a bit of the US and Canada while packing an enormous canvas tent on top of a ‘68 Ford Country Squire. We spent a summer touring the Atlantic Coast in a borrowed RV back in 1976, when gas prices had just...