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  1. ls1mike

    Ah good times....

    Lost a bearing on the last trip. I usually pack my own bearings but had them "professionally done" this past winter. Not sure I can blame the place that did it, but I checked the other ones and they needed grease and were a bit tight. Had it fixed in under 3 hours. Wife ran 30 miles into...
  2. ls1mike

    Lincoln Rock state park.

    Pictures speak for themselves.
  3. ls1mike

    Some winter RVing.

    Good times. All my repairs worked awesome. PT Hudson Marina and RV park Port Townsend Wa. Having a great time 48 to 56 ish degrees during the day. 35 to 40 at night.
  4. ls1mike

    New sink in the trailer

    Well since I fixed the the slide and did a top to bottom cleaning of the trailer, we decided we should change out the sink. We plan to keep it for 3 to 5 more years and then get a trailer that is just for the wife and I. Spoken no bunkhouse. Anyway here it is. The original sink was plastic. I...
  5. ls1mike

    3220 Passport main slide hanging up.

    Well this summer it started chattering and hanging up. Would shake the whole trailer. Finally had some down time to look at it. I have these weird compression rollers on this slide. Only two. When the slide gets to end of travel outbound it sinks down, the rollers help push it up going in...
  6. ls1mike

    Dosewallips State park with Elk

    The last trip out was the guys trip. I managed a 7 mile round trip hike while the rest of them slept of a errr ummmm good night. The Elk about 60 to 70 of them come right into the park to eat. My buddy Chris's truck and of course mine. We had a beautiful full moon.
  7. ls1mike

    Decent photo of the whole setup

    Have not really taken one yet. I have a ton of pictures I need to upload from last two trips. Anyway here it is.
  8. ls1mike

    Fort Flagler state park

    Our favorite. Part of the old coastal artillery. Yes we are out again. :). More photos and videos to follow. Oh and thank goodness my On Star subscription was still valid. Lovely bride locked the keys in the truck out here.
  9. ls1mike

    Some videos from dash cam

    Here you can hear the ole' 6.0 singing as it climbs a 7 percent at 55-60mph, fully loaded for camping. Settled out at 3800 RPM 57 mph. 7 percent grade. The rest of these have no sound. Seattle Reservoir along I-90. Seattle Reservoir Hitting Snoqualmie pass Snoqualmie pass Lake Easton RV...
  10. ls1mike

    Lake Easton State Park

    Love this place! Lost to do. Easy access to Iron Hores State Park, an old railroad grade. We biked, we kayaker, took the big a** truck down some FS roads that require 4 wheel drive. Was a blast!!
  11. ls1mike

    All packed!

    Can't wait first trip of the season. Just Thursday to Sunday. Fluid checked, tires checked, hitch tightened. Chomping at the bit to get out of here. Only about an hour and 10 minutes away. Dow Creek Resort near Lake Cushman on the Olympic Peninsula in Wa. Pictures when we get there. :)
  12. ls1mike

    Some setup photos

    Current setup at Dosewallips State Park in Washington State. With the old 02 2500HD at Dosewallips. Trailer set up at Schafer State park.
  13. ls1mike

    Destroyed axle bearing

    I don't think I posted this one anywhere else. Two seasons ago I had a brake fail in the applied position on the front driver side axle. Got HOT! Tire was wobbling had to pull of the road, disassemble what I could and go into town to get parts. I put it back together without the brake and...