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    Southern Arizona trip report

    My best friend and her husband are camp hosts in Catalina St Park campground A. They love it there. We also loved Kartchner Caverns as well, the campground was full of friendly people and a very nice place to stay. Thanks for sharing the pictures they are nice, except for maybe getting...
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    "Pathetic quality”: RV dealers are fed up with what manufacturers are producing

    So many do not do any research before buying so they get all excited about the 'bling' and don't even look at how the unit is made and the parts you can't see. I am so glad we are not looking for anything 'new' now. There are even those full timers who run workshops on how to buy an old unit...
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    Road trip!

    Enjoy your trip and have a safe one.
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    Do you "neighbor" in campgrounds?

    Tom is the social one of this pair. I prefer boon docking over campgrounds and most of the people that go dry camping are fine with being by themselves. When in a campground I will smile and acknowledge people yet seldom start a conversation, unless of course they have a dog I find...
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    Pictures of our New Horizons Summit

    It looks very nice, and don't you just love having a truck that is a pulling beast. I feel so safe in our F350 pulling that it makes some of those roads with a drop off to one side, seem not so scary. Wait I lied they still terrify me!!!!!!
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    Hello from Kansas

    Welcome. We loved Craters of the Moon, a fascinating place, just be sure to stay on the paths!
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    Camera Recommendations

    Photography and cameras can be a black hole and a Pandora's box. Weight can be a real consideration with the cost the biggest restraint. Not only is there many different sizes of lenses, there is a difference of the f stop of the lens and quality of the lens. A full frame or crop frame...
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    Camera Recommendations

    If all you want a good 'vacation' photos stay with your phone or a good point and shoot. When using a real camera pixels do count in the end product. If you want to post them on social media or get a fine print there is a huge difference. I personally will not give up my 'big' Canon and the...
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    New truck is finally here - 2021 Chevy 3500 DRW

    You got wild and crazy with the color didn't you? I never pictured you as the red truck sort of guy, glad Karen is a good influence! Bah ha ha ha. Looks good.
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    How to conserve water while dry camping?

    Yes, I also have the stand and the stainless steel spigot. The filters are included when you buy it, they are expensive yet they filter everything you would want out of any water and they filter 6,000 gallons. I will get more filters this fall or winter when they go on sale.
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    How to conserve water while dry camping?

    I was sold on the Berky after I studied several systems and for the way we camp a whole camper system was not needed and it was very expensive. While camping at Pactola Lake in SD we visited with some folks from California who have had one and loved it. They can get their water anywhere and...
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    How to conserve water while dry camping?

    I think so, can't remember the tank size. We have collapsible totes for carrying water as well and I carry drinking water in a seperate container ( 5 gal. ). One of my favorite investments was my Berky travel size water filtering system. Now I don't have to buy water in those awful plastic...
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    How to conserve water while dry camping?

    How long always depends on where you are and if there is water available somewhere. The longest we dry camped was 6 weeks, this of course was with access to a dump site and fresh water. By conserving we can go 2 weeks.
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    How to conserve water while dry camping?

    I would draw the line at washing my dishes in the shower gray water! Bah ha ha ha ha I have a plastic dish pan in the shower, when you start the shower the water is not very warm so the water needs to go somewhere so I run it into the dishpan, it is amazing how much that amounts to. This water...
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    Why we sold our Airstream

    You may be able to have 100 gallons yet you don't want to travel with that much in the tank. It will certainly help if you are dry camping and fill up just before you get to your destination.
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    How to conserve water while dry camping?

    Good points, we do not use paper or plastic, instead we cook over the campfire with one pan meals. To wash the dishes we use 2 dish pans one for washing one for rinsing. These and the rinse water from the shower are used to dowse the fire at night. Some even use a 5 gallon bucket outside to...
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    Comment by 'T & R Willson' in media '04.23.21#9.jpg'

    It may turn into a camper yet.
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    Why we sold our Airstream

    We had some very good friends that showed us the way. With your new 5er you will have much larger tanks.