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    Do you flash truck drivers?

    I guess we will not answer this one.... Lol
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    Using Walmart parking lots overnight

    It is my understanding Walmart allows this. Have any of you stayed in your camper overnight in a Walmart lot?
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    Camping and camp fires

    When I think of camping I think of camp fires. We all know men like fire. And there is nothing like the sight and smell of a good fire. How often do you have a camp fire going when you camp?
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    Are you sure we need coffee in the morning?

    What a ridiculous question! Time for a new wife?
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    Garden of the Gods - Colorado Springs

    Manitou Springs is one of our favorite places because it's so artsy and eclectic
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    Coffee anyone?

    I think they say a 1/4 teaspoon per pot.
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    Coffee anyone?

    Love my coffee. At least a pot a day. Just read an article that adding salt to coffee takes the bitterness out. My new thing to do now.
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    Garden of the Gods - Colorado Springs

    It is beautiful. My daughter lives near Colorado Springs so we have been there numerous times.
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    Are you from an RV/camping family?

    No doubt a camper would be wonderful. Bed, air, heat!
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    Are you from an RV/camping family?

    No not really. I tried tent camping and hated it. But my brother has a camper and loves to go and sometimes I've visit. I also have a friend who just sold his 36-foot older motorhome for a nicer 30 + foot motorhome.
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    Are you from an RV/camping family?

    Were you raised going camping or is this a first generation thing for you?
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    Tell us what your RV/camper is...

    What do you have and how long have you had it?