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  1. Zaedock

    Boston - The birthplace of the American Revolution

    Looks like this is the first North East post! If you fellow patriots ever get a chance to travel up to Mass/NH, I highly recommend visiting the sights in Boston. You have the Freedom Trail (including the Old State House), Faneuil Hall, Boston Common, the USS Constitution and Bunker Hill, and...
  2. Zaedock

    Firewood storage

    That's a great idea. With the invasive parasites in our neck of the woods (no pun), we don't take firewood with us. It's too bad, as we burn during the winter and process a lot of wood (son and I have 12 ash trees to get this weekend). I don't mind buying and supporting locals where we...
  3. Zaedock

    How long do the tires last on your tow vehicle?

    My tires usually age before wearing out. I have a company car, so the truck is usually used around town on the weekend or towing the Jeeps/ATV's/Camper. I also have a 3" lift and E rated Cooper Discoverer AT3's on my F150, so they wear like iron.