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  1. Azjeff

    Southern Arizona trip report

    At the end of October we headed south for a week in southern Arizona checking out a few State Parks. First stop was Catalina SP northwest of Tucson. What a nice campground, sites spaced out, all paved, all facilities well cared for. The Catalina mountains make a great backdrop and there's...
  2. Azjeff

    These people are so clueless and dangerous

    This video popped up on my YouTube home page. It took about 10 seconds to know exactly how this "accident" happened. Towing a 30' travel trailer with a Frontier with no weight distribution or sway control. At 00:05 you see the hitch as the truck drives over the camera and at 1:34 you can see...
  3. Azjeff

    Correcting more careless RV construction

    Earlier this year I read about that foam insert you can put into your AC discharge to direct the cold air into the ductwork better and wondered what it looked like in ours and found a mess in the intake plenum. First off why would the junction box be mounted directly in the air flow blocking...
  4. Azjeff

    Colorado/Utah trip report

    On Thursday September 9th we headed out on our first trip with the new Sierra 3500 and the Grand Design trailer that's only seen local trips since we got it last December. We headed north to Ash Fork Az and took I-40 west to Gallup NM, then north through the Rez to Cortez Co then east to Mancos...
  5. Azjeff

    Road trip!

    Tomorrow morning we're heading out for a week in southwestern Colorado and southern Utah. First trip out, finally, with the new outfit. We'd only done local weekends with the trailer before the new Sierra and a couple of local weekends with the new truck, the 2 cross-America moving runs...
  6. Azjeff

    Do you "neighbor" in campgrounds?

    When I was young and we were camping around the eastern US in a pop-up my parents had a sign with our names that they hung out so other people knew who we were. They went out of their way to make other people's acquaintance and would end up with visitors at our campfire or going to theirs. I...
  7. Azjeff

    BIL not happy with 2021 Silverado 2500HD 6.6 gas

    My sister and BIL just retired, both in early 60s, both from gubmint jobs. Their camping up til now has been going to a local state park 2-3 times a year with the '70s Coleman pop-up that his mom bought new . They've done motel travelling (live in Pa) to New England, Florida, and a cruise...
  8. Azjeff

    A little fab project

    I didn't have a jack that would work on a trailer axle, my bottle jack is too tall and I don't want to drag a floor jack along and thought maybe a scissor jack might work. Went to the local U-pick-it and hunted around and found this import scissor jack with a 2300 lb rating which should be more...
  9. Azjeff

    Another non-RV XC road trip, in reverse

    You all might remember in May when the dealer finally got our new truck in I was on the road from Arizona to Baltimore with a friend in a POS Uhaul van pulling a car trailer. 2400 miles up on the wheel of that 11 year old 100k mile piece of junk. Only good thing I can say is it made it. Well...
  10. Azjeff

    Big eastern trip off the books

    On May 20 a friend and I left Arizona in a POS 20' Uhaul pulling a car trailer and pulled into Cockeysville Md on May 24 to my daughter's 1 bedroom apartment that they rented to get acclimated to the area as SIL gets ready to go from work from home to work on site at his new job with Microsoft...
  11. Azjeff

    Trailer gets new shoes

    The Westlake tires on our 2017 had 8/32s and they come new with 10/32s but even though they had plenty of tread they were 5 years old and I wasn't going to trust them out here on hot roads and long days. Made an appointment with Discount Tire and last Friday had a set of Goodyear Endurance...
  12. Azjeff

    Neighbor got a new TT :7(

    While walking the dogs last evening we walked by a new travel trailer parked in front of a house around the block. It looked pretty long and I wanted to take a peek at the spec sticker on the side but the owner was coming out of his garage with an armload of stuff so we walked on. He drives a...
  13. Azjeff

    Went to the scales, interesting.

    Took a ride to the closest CAT scales Saturday and after making the attendant deal with a dumb RVer got some numbers to look at. Loaded the truck with a full tank of gas, us, 2 dogs, generator, hitch, some tools under the back seat and in the trailer had most of what we'd have in the storage...
  14. Azjeff

    New Truck too

    Took delivery on May 25th of a 2021 GMC Sierra SLE 3500HD with the 6.6 gas motor that was ordered 12/31/20. We've got 750 miles so far on it and can't find a thing not to like. It's the quietest truck I've ever been in, as in no rattles and really quiet on the highway. It's way more truck...
  15. Azjeff

    Micro-Air Easy Start 364

    Today I installed a Micro-Air Easy Start 364 in our 15k btu Dometic Brisk II and sure enough the 2500W Westinghouse generator starts and runs it just fine. This was the first time I've run the AC when it's warm out and it doesn't blow ice cold so that will have to be looked at next.
  16. Azjeff

    Neighbor's new RV

    An older RV showed up in front of the neighbor's house down the street a bit. When we took the dogs for the morning walk I noticed it had a paper temp tag in the back window. I brought our trailer over to wash it, change the mattress and do some things. He had his little pressure washer out...
  17. Azjeff

    Cracker Docking?

    Cracker Barrel boondocking. Apparently Cracker Barrel restaurants allow overnight parking at most all locations unless local ordnances prohibit it. Some find it not too cost efficient as it's easy to spend close to a campground fee on an obligatory meal.
  18. Azjeff

    Another weekend quickie

    We got out for another weekend trip to Dead Horse State Park in Cottonwood last weekend, our 3rd short trip with the new trailer. Beautiful weather, blue skies and 60s. Took the dogs on some nice hikes, got a couple of mountain bike rides in on my old trails, took a drive around our old town...
  19. Azjeff

    Grand Design quality?

    Someone asked in one of my other threads what I thought about Grand Design quality. Here are a couple of things I've found while getting everything up to par. This is the nicest and newest trailer we've ever owned and I wasn't looking at other brands this closely, so is this normal? My sense...
  20. Azjeff

    Hitch pin lock preferences?

    I had a 2" ball mount taken when I was parked at a flea market once, so I've had a Master brand locking pin since. This WD hitch head is a bunch more money and I'd like it to be there when I come back to the truck if I don't take it out. Anyone like one brand/type over others?