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  1. Wayne

    What about this part is dangerous?

    Hornady shipped a replacement part for my press that wore out. I was surprised to see that a small piece of metal causes health problems. What in the world?
  2. Wayne

    Petrified Forest National Park - October 2021

    We stopped at Petrified Forest on the way home from Zion and Grand Canyon. Stopping here was kind of an afterthought, but we are glad we did. The park is just east of Holbrook, AZ and straddles I-40. The main visitor center is north of the interstate at exit 311, while there is another...
  3. Wayne

    Morning rainbow in Virgin River Resort RV Park Virgin, UT

    Just as it was starting to get light, I stepped out to walk the dogs and saw this morning rainbow! Of course this is a pano put together from a series of pictures taken on my iPhone.
  4. Wayne

    Panaramas of Kolob Canyon in Zion NP

    I took these today on the 5 mile drive into Kolob Canyon. The lighting was ok, but not great. Still, I think the pictures turned out pretty well with a little help from Lightroom. The resulting png files were about 50MB and had to be resized from about 12,000px wide to 1920. The 50MB files...
  5. Wayne

    "Pathetic quality”: RV dealers are fed up with what manufacturers are producing If people wouldn't buy it, the manufacturers wouldn't make it. Until the public demands quality, this will not change.
  6. Wayne

    Map of states in which we have camped

    I found this really cool website that you can make a map of the states you've camped in. This is our map as of today, but we'll add a couple more states in about three weeks. What does your map look like?
  7. Wayne

    Panorama picture of the Alpine Visitor Center on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain NP

    This is one of my favorite panoramas I've ever stitched together. Watching the fog roll in over the visitor's center and trail ridge road was really cool!
  8. Wayne

    Panorama picture of Emerald Lake in Rocky Mountain NP

    I took about a dozen pictures in sequence at Emerald Lake when we were there a couple weeks ago and used Lightroom to build this panorama. Yes, the picture is stunning and being there in person is even more stunning.
  9. Wayne

    Running out of DEF in a Duramax

    I've found in both my 2018 and 2021 Duramax, that the DEF gauge in the DIC lies about the DEF level. The DEF tank hold 7.0 gallons according to the manual, the same as my 2018. We have been getting about 325 MPG DEF while pulling, so estimating the amount left is pretty simple. Normally the...
  10. Wayne

    Replacing GPI EZ-8RV pump gears

    I had posted previously that I picked up a transfer tank off of FB Marketplace. The pump is 10 years old and worked, but it sounded like it was grinding rocks and ran slowly. After googling around I learned that the...
  11. Wayne

    Short video of some of the crazy driving I caught with my dash cam in the last 6 months

    If I buy another dash cam I won't get one with a super wide angle lens, as it make objects look more distant. Some of these incidents were actually much closer than they appear in the video.
  12. Wayne

    Pictures of our New Horizons Summit

    I posted a ton of build pictures here: I'll post some pictures of the new rig over the next few days. This picture is after pulling it the first time, to the scale, at New Horizons.
  13. Wayne

    Installing TPMS sensors in Goodyear G114 215/75R17.5 trailer tires

    I took the wheels off the New Horizons trailer and took them to my buddy's shop to put TPMS sensors in them. Our 2021 Chevy HD comes with a TPMS system for both the truck and trailer tires. I wrote about the saga of truck size valve stems here...
  14. Wayne

    Changing oil in Cummins Onan generator

    Our trailer has a 6.5KW Cummins Onan model number 6.5HGJAE propane powered generator. We were supposed to get the green RV generator, but production is about 50 weeks out on the RV generators, so we ended up with a 6.5KW industrial propane generator instead. I have no idea what the functional...
  15. Wayne

    Arrived at home with our New Horizons trailer

    I got home yesterday and parked the trailer on the driveway for a couple days while we get it loaded. I'll make another post about my three day experience at New Horizons, it was fantastic. The truck pulled the trailer nicely and does shift from 10th to 9th occasionally going up hills, but...
  16. Wayne

    Van dragging bumper cover on the interstate

    I saw this a few weeks ago near Cedar Rapids, Iowa. How do you not know, or if you do then why did they not stop? Sometimes I really wonder what people are paying attention to.
  17. Wayne

    Fuelbox fuel tank/tool box combo

    I picked up a used 60 gallon Fuelbox fuel tank/tool box combo that I found on FB Marketplace for what I think is one heck of a deal. My motivation is to be able to purchase cheaper fuel along our route and be able travel for 800-1000 miles without having to refuel. We use the TSD RV fuel...
  18. Wayne

    National Traffic and Road Closure Information

    I found this US DOT website today that links to every state's DOT website for road conditions. Very useful and I wish I had known about it years ago. [edit] Another good site for road conditions.
  19. Wayne

    Air Lift springs transferred to new truck

    My previous review of the Air Lift springs: I moved the Air Lift springs from the 2018 to the 2021 Duramax. The 2020-2021 GM/Chevy HD trucks require new upper and lower...