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  1. Porterboy

    Sedona...enough said!!!

    Absolutely some of the best Hiking spots in the Country. You can spend weeks in Sedona and still not get to all the hiking areas. Some of our favorites are:
  2. Porterboy

    Lake Powell & Page, AZ...Horseshoe Bend and much more!!!

    Got up early and spent a day in the Lake Powell area of Northern Arizona. You have to see Horseshoe Bend...the views are incredible. We also visited Antelope Canyons (North & South) where we did have to wait for our Tour. Make sure to do a Reservation ahead of your visit. The Tour Guide will...
  3. Porterboy

    Zion NP...The Narrows!!!!

    Absolutely incredible !!! Get out early to beat the crowds and do at least a 6 hour trip. Make sure to use any of the outfitters in Town to get the necessary water gear!!!