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    Inverter won't shut off

    It sounds as if the relay contacts were welded.
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    Garden of the Gods - Colorado Springs

    A great B&B is the Twin Sisters Inn B&B in Manitou Springs. Wake up each morning to a view of Pikes peak. A great place for a second Honeymoon. And don't forget to visit the Florissant Fossil Beds.
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    Sedona...enough said!!!

    Another great trip is to head north on 17 out of Phoenix and then go west on 169 to Prescott. Then take 89A to Jerome and spend the afternoon up there. Recommendation: Make sure you have good brakes and rubber since there are many hairpin turns along 89A but the views are just fantastic!
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    Chisholm Trail Santa Fe Trail

    If you are ever down in Texas, Oklahoma, or Kansas I would encourage you to follow the Chisholm Trail north into Kansas. Old Highway 81 parallels the original trail in Oklahoma and Kansas and there are numerous markers recounting this...