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  1. Karen

    Circle Lake Michigan Recommendations?? We are looking over this guide to camp while driving the Circle Lake Michigan route. Any recommendations are appreciated for food, campsites, hiking, or just generally cool stuff to see!
  2. Karen

    Ruggable for RV Interior

    Purchased a couple of the "Ruggable" rugs for the interior of our Airstream. Super happy with them. They stay in place with a backing and the top layer peels right off to toss in the washer. Really helpful when one of your traveling companions isn't good at wiping her feet! And they...
  3. Karen

    Questions to ask yourself BEFORE stocking your RV kitchen (less may be more)

    When we first purchased our Airstream trailer (and being an avid cook at home) I couldn’t wait to outfit our new “kitchen”. Let’s just say my first impulse may have been a bit ambitious! After we had a few trips under our belt, I got the hang of what kitchen equipment was really necessary and...
  4. Karen

    National Parks Collection - What does yours look like?

    We've recently begun our quest to see all of the National Parks! So far we have purchased a sticker from the visitors' centers at the parks we've been to. (Unfortunately, we didn't have this idea until after we visited Haleakala NP on Maui, so we're missing that sticker) Interested in what...
  5. Karen

    The Door County Fish Boil – A Truly Unique Regional Experience!

    Freshly caught Lake Michigan Whitefish, New Potatoes, Onions and Salt over an open wood burning fire sound good? If you say yes, head up to Door County to watch a Boil Master ply his or her craft with a Wisconsin original! The food is all placed into a basket that is lowered into a kettle full...
  6. Karen

    Ginger Pork Tenderloin (on your camp grill!)

    Delicious and crazy easy after a day of exploring the outdoors! We like to serve it up with some foil pack Brussels sprouts! A little olive oil, salt and pepper and those sprouts will be a great side dish. 1 Pork Tenderloin (about 2.5 lbs) 2 cloves garlic minced (I keep a jar of store...
  7. Karen

    RV life with a dog!!!???

    So, yep we picked up our new pup and she spent her first night with us in our Airstream. This season will be her first out on the road, camping and hiking. Any suggestions from you veteran RVers on traveling with canine companions?
  8. Karen

    Tiger Run Resort - Breckenridge, CO

    We spent a week at Tiger Run Resort and can't say enough great things about it. The sites are large and fully paved for easy pull through and minimal leveling. See the photos attached! It's an all season resort with some permanent chalets as well. Gated - so you don't have unauthorized...
  9. Karen

    Cheesy Quinoa and Vegetables - Make it at home, freeze and pop in the microwave on the road

    I love to take cook this up before we hit the road. It's super easy, freezes well and you can nuke it for an easy travel day dinner. Grab a rotisserie chicken during a pit stop and shred it on top! Ingredients: 3 TBL Butter 1 cup grated carrots (buy them already grated for extra easy!) 1 cup...