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    Pictures of Monticello- Charlottesville Virginia

    Haha. Sure does look like a good place for one. Surprisingly that is located upstairs in the dome room. It makes you think you are going outside then it drops down into the secret place.
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    Pictures of Monticello- Charlottesville Virginia

    Some more pictures. A bookshelf and chair and lots of old books. Second picture shows his other pair of boots but I can’t remember what they said the room was for. Third picture. One of the bedrooms believed to be for children. Fourth picture. Is James and Dolley Madison’s guest room...
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    Pictures of Monticello- Charlottesville Virginia

    That’s one of my favorites too. I actually have a picture of me when I was 6 sitting on the stump when they had just cut it down. I was happy with that picture. It’s especially cool it’s growing inside. They had told us it was growing next to it but it’s definitely growing inside.
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    Pictures of Monticello- Charlottesville Virginia

    I wanted to share some pictures with everyone of Monticello. Located in Charlottesville Virginia. For those of you who don’t know this is a pretty cool place and cool piece of history. Home of Thomas Jefferson the third president of the United States and the man on the $2 bill and nickel. They...
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    A warning to all 5th wheel owners - don't just look at the latch bar pin, really see it

    It happens man. Just glad that you didn’t get injured or anything. Too bad you can’t get the truck fixed till July though. This is exactly like hooking up my dads tractor trailer fifth wheel if you don’t get it just right you will know it really quickly.
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    2021 6.6 gas Chevrolet 2500HD

    That is a nice color. The High Country package is really nice too. It’s a little too big for me though and not my preferred brand or body style of this brand. Lol. I’m guessing you mean Fancy Gap VA? If so that’s pretty cool I was just up there the other day. I’m just really surprised that a gas...
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    Morning rainbow in Virgin River Resort RV Park Virgin, UT

    Now that is a great picture. Unbelievable what phone cameras can do these days. I’m guessing you are still using the older iPhone?
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    Carlsbad Caverns

    Great pictures. Looks like it was a fun trip. I’m the only one in my family who hasn’t been to New Mexico 🙁. And nice RV as well. Is that an old Dodge Durango behind it? That is my favorite style of Durango.
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    Map of states in which we have camped

    Do the different colors represent anything specific? Like maybe the different types of camping or did you just make it colorful? Come visit us in Virginia sometime lol. Next time you hit Virginia or Kentucky or West Virginia I can recommend some good spots to camp they have RV, tent and cabins...
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    "Pathetic quality”: RV dealers are fed up with what manufacturers are producing

    It seems everything made today is low quality compared to beforehand. :(. This is why I always say buy old or used :).
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    New tow vehicle

    I would suggest a hose clamp in place of the zip ties however that may scratch and scar the paint in each spot. You could get the worm gear style and unwind it and put it on and wind it back together.
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    Do you "neighbor" in campgrounds?

    Of course he does. 🙂. Haha
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    Do you "neighbor" in campgrounds?

    Not me. I don’t like being around a lot of people. If they speak first I’ll talk otherwise no. Heck I’m scared to even say hi to someone I know in public if I have to speak first but someone I don’t know… yeah not happening lol.
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    New trailer tires

    No white lettering? 🙁. A tire isn’t a tire without white lettering LOL. Maybe it’s just me but I like the style. I thought most Goodyear ones had them maybe not. My truck takes P205/75R14 and they are so hard to find. I was tempted to run trailer tires but that doesn’t seem like a good idea. And...
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    Duramax losing prime

    Glad you got the issue fixed. Glad my Ford wins LOL. I’m just giving you a hard time. I can’t say much as I am getting a boat from a friend with a Chevy 305 engine haha. And it’s free so more money for repairs 😂. I will probably buy a Ford to tow it with.